Dovetail /ˈdʌv.teɪl/: To fit skillfully to form a whole.

The Dovetail Consulting Group helps individuals and organizations advance environmental sustainability and social justice. We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals who align our services to achieve greater collective impact. We’ve been working together since 1991.

Our services are diverse, and include:

  • organizational and leadership development
  • land and marine use planning
  • art-based engagement

Our core competencies are facilitation, negotiation, strategic planning, evaluation, research and training. Collaboration is central to our work.

Find out more about how we help people understand and resolve complex natural resource management issues and organizational challenges.

Check out upcoming training opportunities with the Dovetail team in Vancouver with at SFU in October, and with Hollyhock in November. Also check out a recent video of Julian describing one of his 3-day training programs.