Dovetail /ˈdʌv.teɪl/: To connect or combine precisely.

Our services

Our impact
Our interdisciplinary team of professionals offers a diverse range of services to help people understand and resolve complex natural resource management issues and organizational challenges. These services include:

Over the last 25 years we have made an impact by helping organizations advance environmental sustainability and social justice. Through our work we have:

  • Group facilitation
  • Land use and marine planning
  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Natural resources management
  • Negotiation
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Arts-based engagement
  • Policy analysis
  • Program evaluation
  • Research
  • Training and coaching
  • helped negotiate comprehensive land use agreements with various levels of government;
  • helped non-profit organizations clarify their mission and scope of activities through strategic planning;
  • facilitated high profile, multi-stakeholder planning initiatives;
  • strengthened the ability of individuals to work together effectively in teams;
  • helped aboriginal communities articulate a vision for their traditional territories;
  • contributed to the protection of biodiversity through planning, research, facilitation and negotiation;
  • furthered the conservation of protected areas, species at risk, and fish and wildlife habitat;
  • helped social sector organizations serve people in need;
  • developed and supported marine and terrestrial co-management arrangements;
  • helped philanthropic organizations be strategic in the deployment of their resources;
  • helped industry and NGOs find common ground on contentious issues related to energy, forestry, fisheries and land use;
  • provided coaching to individuals in leadership positions within the non-profit sector;
  • helped communities steward resources and plan for sustainability;
  • facilitated dialogue among communities to address cross-cultural conflict;
  • trained more than a thousand people in group facilitation and conflict resolution.