Peter Abrams

Peter Abrams, Senior Associate

Peter-Abrams-2018Peter is well known for being a talented facilitator, creating engaging and productive environments for dialogue, training, planning, and collaborative problem-solving. He works mostly with the not-for-profit sector, communities, institutions of learning, and government. Peter specializes in organizational development (including strategic and operational planning), communications training, and natural resource management. Peter’s recent projects include:

  • strategic and operational planning for Environmental NGOs
  • strengthening team culture and priority action planning for a) a Children’s Hospital health care team, and b) a federal agency operational team leading the Oceans Protection Plan
  • strengthening team culture and developing strategic priorities for a conservation organization
  • facilitating the development of an Integrated Water Management approach to utilities planning for the City of Vancouver.

Peter lives in Vancouver with his wife, step-son, and two dogs, and loves hiking, rock climbing and bicycling. Peter is also a founding member and leader of Vancouver Playback Theatre, an innovative form of improvisational theatre that brings real-life stories of audience members or workshop participants to life to deepen understanding, build trust, and strengthen commitment to positive change.