Dr. Julie Gardner

Dr. Julie Gardner, Principal

Julie Website 2018Julie is recognized for her consistently high standard of work as a researcher, planner and facilitator. She has specialized expertise in aquatic resource management, conservation policy and governance, collaborative stewardship and First Nations land and marine resource use. In all her work she aims to bring calm, compassion and clarity to challenging issues. Her projects have concentrated in the areas of:

  • research, writing and facilitation for co-management policies, plans and agreements;
  • contributions to marine planning, from protected area planning to assessment of regional initiatives;
  • training and facilitation for federal and international agencies responsible for species at risk, including collaboration with First Nations and public consultations;
  • facilitation, research and report preparation for internal and consultative processes on fisheries and oceans policies;
  • assisting organizations with planning and governance for stewardship of watersheds and ecologically significant areas;
  • helping First Nations with research and membership consultations (including surveys) for land selection, visioning and planning.

Julie’s previous career was in academia, and she is still an Adjunct Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC.

Julie formerly went by her “real” name, Julia, which she still answers to! She lives in Vancouver and on Galiano Island with her partner, Dr. Dan Moore. She stays active by skiing, hiking and sea kayaking, and exercises her mind with yoga, poetry and music.