Julian and Bryan

“I have worked with Julian and Bryan on several projects; they operate with great integrity and have proven they can help find solutions to issues that otherwise appear intractable.”

Kevin Kriese
Assistant Deputy Minister, North Area, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

“I worked with Julian and Bryan during the government-to-government negotiations for the Wooshtin wudidaa: Atlin Taku Strategic Land Use Plan. Their commitment to collaboration and their ability to find creative solutions are key reasons we were able to come to a package of agreements that I am honoured to have been part of developing.”

James Cuell, Director, Major Projects, Skeena Region, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

“Bryan and Julian have different but complimentary skill sets and both can and do deliver. You can count and both of them together or each as individuals to gather clear instruction and then get the job done no matter how challenging – and they are enjoyable to work with as well.”

Peter Kirby, President & CEO Atlin Power Ltd, Atlin Tlingit Economic GP & Taku Wild Products Ltd


“Julian is one of the very best facilitators I have ever come across. He has a magical touch…”

Dana Bass Solomon
CEO, Hollyhock Retreat Centre

“From team-building to indigenous resource stewardship to unwieldy funder collectives needing alignment on sticky issues, Julian gets game-changing results that exceed clients’ expectations. He is equally adept at facilitating tough groups, analyzing multi-faceted data, mentoring and coaching leaders, or designing and stewarding processes that cut laser-like through seemingly untenable complexity. And he’s just plain fun to work with.”

David L. Secord, Ph.D.
Vice President, Strategic Grantmaking, TIDESCANADA

“Julian is simply the best facilitator I’ve used. He is not only able to work with a team to craft excellent strategies and help organizations become truly effective, but you all have fun while you’re doing it!”

Merran Smith
Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

“Julian taught a workshop on effective group facilitation for our colleagues and partners in community-based conservation across the High Divide in Montana and Idaho. Julian’s art and skills as a facilitator are only matched by his talent as a trainer. He leads by example and, through his humility, humor, and care, ensures each workshop participant can strive to grow and stretch to their very best. Our colleagues left saying it was the best training they had been a part of; I heartily agree.”

Dennis Glick
Executive Director, Future West

“I have had the honour of working with Julian many times over the last fifteen years. I can honestly say he is the most skilled facilitator I have ever worked with. His agenda design skills and care in preparation of meetings combined with his ability to read a room and move a meeting forward are invaluable.”

Tzeporah Berman BA. MES, LLD (honoris causa) Author, co-founder ForestEthics, Former Co-director Greenpeace International Climate Program

“Julian is the best breed of coach—both artist and thinker, left brain and right brain, all in one package. He knows how to get the best out of you, sometimes by pushing and other times by just listening intently. My coaching experience with Julian was life altering. He gave me the courage to see what was so clearly in front of my nose and to act on it. He listens intently, asks just the right questions at the right time, and helps you cut through the muck to find the oyster and then the pearl. If I could, I would work with him every month.”

Alexandra Christy
Former Executive Director, Woodcock Foundation


“I have worked with Bryan for over a decade and have always been able to count on him to provide the best technical support in all areas of land and natural resource management and negotiation strategy. Bryan brings a strong sense of organization to all projects we work on. I can count on him to provide honest feedback and guidance, even when we disagree!”

Khoodéi Dukawdaneek, Susan M. Carlick
Chief Negotiator, Taku River Tlingit First Nation

“There are really only two reasons to work with Bryan. If you want your project to be successful, hire Bryan. If you want to enjoy working with someone, hire Bryan.”

Dennis Sizemore
Executive Director, Round River Conservation Studies

“Bryan’s calm, professional demeanor, expertise in facilitating, negotiations and land use planning have proven invaluable in our work. Bryan is a superb writer as well. Many times his ability to bring thoughts to paper in a remarkably short time has helped capture the energy and momentum of a group discussion. He is an outstanding colleague.”

Mike Taylor
Principal – Taylor Land Advisory Group

“Bryan was referred to the Inuvialuit Settlement Region – Community-Based Monitoring Program (ISR-CBMP) from a colleague who noted both the impressive skill level and the perseverance in seeing the goal of the meeting through to completion. Bryan was able to work with the Steering Committee for the program – a group with diverse viewpoints on program implementation – to ensure we had a united vision for the program description, a clear schedule for our work plan and a consensus on both the criteria for how priority CBM projects would be chosen as well as consensus on the top two projects as a focus for the start up of the ISR-CBMP. Bryan’s skills were invaluable in bringing the group together and ensuring the expediency of accomplishing our meeting goals.”

Jennie Knopp, Program Coordinator, Inuvialuit Settlement Region – Community-Based Monitoring Program (ISR-CBMP)


“Peter is a very talented facilitator, trainer, and coach, working with us in various capacities since June, 2010. He is collaborative, creative, kind, insightful and courageous. By employing his intellect and his heart, he excels at creating and maintaining innovative, enjoyable and productive learning and problem-solving environments. Peter inspires and challenges participants and learners to grow beyond their expectations individually and collectively in pursuit of their goals.”

Peter Gardiner-Harding, Executive Director, Plays That Work.

“Peter planned and facilitated both our Board’s 2013 strategic planning retreat and our Support Group Leaders’ (SGL) facilitation training. I was thoroughly impressed by Peter’s experience and wealth of knowledge, and with the quality and value of the information and service Peter provided. I learned things I didn’t know I needed to know!
We had a great Board retreat: we left with both a very clear plan to move forward and a better connection among our ourselves. The SGL training was wonderful: Peter led by example, and both presented great information and valuable ways to apply facilitation skills. Feedback from our SGLs confirmed the terrific job that Peter did: their confidence to deal with difficult situations and conversations was much higher after the workshop, and they’ve requested to have Peter back again.”

Heather Divine, CEO, People in Pain Network

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter Abrams on a couple of Wild Salmon Policy related workshops. As a facilitator, Peter demonstrated an ability to keep people focused on the task at hand while providing opportunities for all to participate. As a result of his effective planning and preparation, in combination with excellent facilitation skills, he was able to guide a diverse group in the generation of ecosystem based management objectives and indicators.”

Dr. James R. Irvine, Research Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“Working with Peter in an agency wide community engagement planning initiative was a rewarding experience. Peter created a supportive, fun, creative and productive environment for collaboration with each of the 25 plus stakeholder groups we had invited to work with us over a two year timeframe. As we proceeded to plan community engagement initiatives across the Association, we trusted in the process that Peter had designed and his skill as a facilitator to adapt when needed to serve each group based on our learnings.
In sum, our sessions generated a wide variety of exciting new initiatives aimed at creating deeper and more meaningful connections between the persons whom we serve and their neighbours/communities. Peter’s strengths include excellent planning and organization, engagement of participants, and delivery and follow up. It was my pleasure to work with him.”

Monique Nelson, Director of Community Engagement, posAbilities

“Peter’s thoughtful and engaging facilitation skills provided Vancity with rich outcomes and a positive opportunity to deepen our relationships with ENGOs, donors, members and supporters of conservation efforts. Moreover, his ability to constructively engage and identify core principles that aligned with Vancity’s public advocacy role in promoting more community ownership of lands with high conservation values, made the process a pleasure to work through.”

Kira Gerwing, Manager, Community Investment (Impact Real Estate)

“Peter has consistently provided reliable and professional facilitation services to the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC), and his understanding of conservation issues has made him an even more valuable asset to the MCC.”

Craig Orr, Chair Marine Conservation Council